Kusuki provides Creative International Development, international business development consulting and entertainment services for a select group of creative people and businesses.

Kusuki Pte Ltd is registered in Singapore. Kusuki LLC is registered in the United States. Kusuki is managed by Alexander Ando Michaelson.


Sumeba Miyako : Compassionate Connection
Feeling at home by respecting the environment with humility and transparency, and empathizing with it, wherever you are. Human compassion. Choosing happiness.
= respect and empathy

Taiki Bansei : The Long View
Daring to bloom in spite of the winter. Achievement. Facing forward by recognizing and accepting, even celebrating, that which is hard. Overcoming failures and challenges constructively and with positivity. Obstacles are an opportunity for growth, and the future is sure to be beautiful.
= constructive optimism

Jibun Zukuri : Self Invention
Not finding oneself, as in expectation that the ideal self or perfect answer is out there to be found, but creating oneself. As a mindful individual, forging the path and walking down it. Consciously and intentionally writing your own story. Taking responsibility for yourself, because growth depends on you.
= intentional development


→ 尊重と共感。

→ 建設的で前向き。

→ 意図的な開拓。